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The Best Haunted House Decorations

March 26, 2019

They pop up every Halloween and scare people half to death before moving on. Haunted houses appear in parks, fairgrounds, and in old buildings. People go there to get scared silly, and while some haunted houses are made for family fun and allow you to laugh the fear off, others aren’t.

Some haunted house attractions portland or thrive on fear and want to make people jump, scream, wet themselves, and possibly cry. These haunted houses have various methods that not only keep people scared but also ensure that they keep coming back. It’s these rules of fear that make them so successful.

First of all, they make it look real. Deep down, many people know that ghosts, boogeymen, and the bloody zombies that walk the streets of a haunted house aren’t real. Still, we are terrified of them just the same. It’s because the fake blood, wounds, and makeup all look real to use. The most successful haunted houses go all out on the looks, ensuring that everything looks real.

Next, they lull their customers into a false sense of security, mostly by building up the fear with spooky fog, far off lights and eerie noises. The scares don’t come right away, but they build up to the big payoff and then scare the customers! The customers expect the scare, and by not giving it to them right away the tension grows.

Finally, they space out the scares. With every single scare there’s a law of diminishing returns, where the surprise gets less scary over time. So, in order to circumvent this, the scares happen at intervals. Just when the body is starting to calm down from the previous scare, another scare happens.

haunted house attractions portland or

There are other things that make haunted houses so successful, but the first idea is that they know how fear works. Then they use it to their advantage.