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Writing Good Science Fiction

March 26, 2019

Science fiction is a balancing act for writers, where you can either go way into the science of the different technology and races, or you can delve into the fiction and ignore the science for the sake of the story. However, it’s a balancing act because if you focus too much on explaining how the tech works, the book can be a bit hard to read. Focus too much on the fiction, and it isn’t as believable.

So how do science fiction writers like bill copeland author handle this balance and still create believable yet enjoyable worlds? Well, they explain as best as they can and let the reader handle the rest. For example, one of the common science fiction gadgets is the gadget that produces food out of thin air. It was most commonly used in Star Trek but has found its way into other media as well.

Most people know that matter cannot be created or destroyed, so if you use that gadget to create a sandwich, you are most likely just teleporting an existing sandwich to the gadget’s location. Nothing new is being created. Yet no one questions it because the “science” behind it is explained so well. That’s how the writers get you to suspend your disbelief.

They give you just enough science to ensure that it sounds credible, and then you accept it as fact and can move on with the story. If you are a science fiction author, that’s what you need to do. Explain the science in one or two sentences and then move on. Giving too much explanation will bog the book down while giving too little will allow doubt to spring up in the reader’s mind.

bill copeland author

It’s a tricky balancing act to get right, but once you do, then the sky is the limit!